Senna King of The World - Poster Print
Senna King of The World - Poster Print
Senna King of The World - Poster Print
Senna King of The World - Poster Print
Senna King of The World - Poster Print
Senna King of The World - Poster Print

Senna King of The World - Poster Print


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This fabulous piece of artwork is of Senna and named 'King of the World'. Every beautiful copy is signed and numbered by the artist Ricardo Santos. The print is available in one size; 50cm x 70cm, all prints are all printed on beautiful Fedrigoni X-PER 140g/m2 paper, by the offset printing process and sent directly via courier from Portugal, the home of the artist. Prints are packed and sent in a sturdy postal tube.  Worldwide shipping from Portugal, 2 to 7 working days.

DISCLAIMER: This is OFFICIAL artwork © by Ricardo Santos

Ricardo Santos is a Portuguese art director and graphic designer. Currently working as a freelancer, Ricardo has given over the years glimpses of his talent at newspapers such as Diário de Notícias, 24 Horas and Jornal i, with the latter being awarded by the Society for News Design with the World’s Best-Designed Newspaper, in 2010. Part of the design team that drew the journal from day one, Ricardo has since collected other awards while working at Turbo and AutoSport — two Portuguese icons regarding cars and motorsport. Always eager to accept a new challenge, it is in this particular environment that he thrives the most. His résumé includes covers and illustrations for international magazines such as american “Racer” or UK’s “Top Gear”, and world renowned brands like Ferrari, Nissan and Red Bull. A former rally co-driver, Ricardo’s love for cars and motorsport has driven him to create illustrations of Formula 1 and rally cars from the 80’s and 90’s, all penned up on an irresistible retro style that remind us why we love racing: “I try to focus on the shape, the shadows, glows and colors of the cars to create simple but eye catching images, which I believe is a direct influence of my day job in newspapers and magazines trying to create simple and easy to understand work”, he said on an interview for, with the guys over there mesmerized by his work. A perfectionist by nature, motivated by giving that extra detail that makes the difference, Ricardo’s work resemble his personality and can be purchased as prints here on this site.

What people say
“Ricardo’s stunning illustrations take motorsports art in a whole new direction. His depictions of classic racing cars are as surprising as they are dramatic, and his ability to convey their essence is as much about what he leaves out as what he includes. It’s been a privilege and a pleasure to showcase Ricardo’s work on several striking and memorable RACER magazine covers.”
Laurence Foster, Editor-in-Chief, RACER magazine

”Ricardo shows us his unique ability to abstract a racing car’s visual complexity into an instantly recognizable expression, the kind of thing that’s still alive in your eyes in the instant after the car flashes by on the track. With Santos, the impression is not a blur but instead an image that captures the moment and clarifies the car.”
Michael Jordan, Porsche Panorama Magazine

"A master of design and illustration, and in capturing light and shadow and their play on the curvaceous contours of classic cars, Ricardo’s work is striking. His minimalist, iconic style and the bright, block colour palettes of his works makes for confident, powerful images which instantly grab your attention. Powerful, classy, striking, bold and beautiful – these are works that need to exist as huge prints. Preferably hanging on my walls!"
Rich Fowler,

"When you're an adult human in need of some car art, but not old enough to collect watercolours of Austin Healeys, you need Ricardo Santos. His stuff is simple and graphic with lots of bold shapes and colours. It´s colouring-in for grown-ups."
Top Gear Magazine


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