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Miniature VW Camper Van Clock

Miniature VW Camper Van Clock


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From our range of miniature clocks these two colourful VW camper van clocks make a perfect gift for Dad or Mum’s with camper vans. A blue or orange Camper Van Miniature clock from William Widdop. Bring a unique and quirky touch to the home with this stylish miniature clock made with great attention to detail. The miniature camper van clock is a great gift for a classic car enthusiast or someone with an interest in the 60s Hippie era. The clock-face sits in the middle of the Blue or Orange Camper and has an arabic dial with slim-lined contemporary clock-hands. Whether it's a gift for a housewarming or a birthday, this miniature blue camper clock has a lasting style that will look great on a bedside table or a living room mantelpiece. A strong metal frame and inset clock, so ideal as a gift present for any occasion.


  • Condition: new & 100% Official Licensed Product
  • Material: Metal
  • Design function: quartz movement type (light ticking sound)
  • Design feature: miniature clock set into camper
  • Design feature: analogue display
  • Design feature: 12 hour time format
  • Design feature: vehicle does move along
  • Design feature: ideal home or desk present
  • Sizes available: 10cm x 4cm x 4cm
  • Colour: pale blue & orange
  • Team: VW
  • Category: VW camper van clock


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