Sebastian Vettel jumps to Aston Martin F1 End of 2020 Season

                         RACING POINT TO BECOME ASTON MARTIN F1

Racing Point:

Racing Point UK is made up from a team of very hard-working race enthusiasts, their former name was Force India, which was changed in the mid of 2018 after the Lawrence Stroll consortium purchased it. Racing Point F1 under the team chief Otmar Szafnauer, the Australian Grand Prix, 2019 Australia was their first season with the new ownership. Their balanced squad consists of Sergio Perez, who scores 52 of their 73 points, ensuring the team retains the seventh position on the table. The Racing Point is known worldwide, and they have a good reputation in the world of formula one motorsport. People associate their expectations with them, and the BWT Mercedes engine currently powers them.

Racing Point F1: Racing point team one recently changed the name from Team Force India to racing point team 1. Currently, Racing Point players are Lance Stroll and Sergio Pérez. Although, Sergio will be replaced at the end of the 2020 season, by the Four-time-world champion and several records holder Sebastian Vettel from the 2021 F1 season. Sebastian is to leave Ferrari by the end of 2020. The Racing Point Aston Martin engine brings more expectations and pressure for the team with the new name Aston martin F1.

Aston Martin:

Due to some financial difficulties, Aston martin needed some refinancing. To get that, the Racing Point team owner Lawrence stroll came forward and provided that lift that was very much needed for the British car company Aston Martin. He has also become the executive chairperson of the Aston Martin. Lawrence said:

“I am very pleased that I, and my partners in the consortium, have reached agreement with the board and major shareholders to make this significant long-term investment,” Stroll said. “Aston Martin Lagonda makes some of the world's most iconic luxury cars, designed and built by very talented people. Our investment announced today underpins the company's financial security and ensures it will be operating from a position of financial strength.”

Aston Martin F1: The return of Aston martin in Formula one racing after 60 years. Aston lovers are very excited to see their beloved company emerging from their financial difficulties and returning to Formula one racing after 1960. The new name and strategies are put together to inspire and impress the racing world.

The driver - Sabastian Vettel:

Sebastian Vettel is a German Formula 1 Racer currently working for the Scuderia Ferrari team. He is a four-time world champion. Sebastian Vettel is 33 years old and he won consecutively from 2010 to 2013, making himself the youngest and unique kind of record holder in Formula one motorsport history.

However, he is currently not having a good season, leaving the fans disappointed watching him try and just not getting enough points. Some blame him, while others blame Ferrari for not improving their engines' performance as the competitors improved themselves.

When the current 2020 formula one racing season will be closed, Sebastian is to leave Ferrari. Sebastian will comeback in the 2021 season with the Racing Point/ Aston Martin team. The Aston team is looking forward to helping Sebastian find his prime and be glorious again. The team says to regain his strength, Sebastian needs some change, and we will keep him away from the politics and provide him with the comfort that there isn’t a talk going on behind his back. The Racing point CEO Otmar Szafnauer said:

“We are very driver focused. We take a lot of time to understand our drivers, work with them, and form a strong relationship and bond with our drivers. That helps to nurture them and for them to feel comfortable and secure, and not worry that things are going on behind their back”.

On the other hand, the team needed an experienced driver and former world champion to show them what it takes to win the world championships. His experience with the Ferrari and Red Bull will surely be a plus in getting healthy points in the 2021 season. They are expecting and hoping to learn a lot from Sebastian.

The driver - Lance Stroll:

Lance Stroll age 21-year-old Canadian formula one driver. Lance Stroll’s dad is Lawrence Stroll, a billionaire and currently the owner of the team Aston Martin F1. The fact about being his father is a billionaire, and the investments of his consortium in motorsports teams made Lance Stroll a controversial racer. Some of the Motorsport fans think of him as the "Pay Driver," but that is not entirely true as he has some achievements in the open-wheel junior categories. He got success in the Italian F4 championship, the F3 European Championship, and Toyota Racing Series. In 2016, Lance Stroll won the European F3 Championship with over 100 points.

Before finishing high school at 18, Lance Stroll debuted in Formula One Motorsport in 2017, with Williams racing. Lance stroll podium: Youngest podium finisher in their rookie year. According to some people. Lance Stroll got his debut because of the investment made by his father in the Williams racing. However, his place at Williams is justified. Lance put a stop to gossip by his performance in the junior categories and gave a solid performance for the already struggling team. He finished the season with the 12th position and was only three points behind his teammate Felipe Massa, much more experienced than he is. Those points made him the youngest ever podium winner in their rookie year and youngest driver to step onto the podium other than the top six.

The CEO of the racing point/Aston Martin Otmar said: Lance will have so much to learn from Sebastian Vettel, and they will make a good pair. The Vettel's experience and the young sensation Lance will hold the other end making his father and the team proud of his achievements.