The Best F1 Tracks of All Time

Happy race week! Summer lockout is officially over, and we’re gearing up for the return of the 2022 F1 season. All eyes are set on Spa for the Belgium Grand Prix this weekend. While we’re getting ready with our Max Verstappen caps and Ferrari shirts, we’re taking a walk down memory lane.

Everyone has a favourite F1 circuit. It might be your home circuit or the F1 race you count down to every season. We’re sharing 5 of the best F1 tracks of all time.

1. Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium Grand Prix F1 Track

    Spa F1 Track

    Spa is an F1 circuit that is one of a kind. It’s the longest circuit on the F1 calendar with 9 left-hand and 10 right-hand corners. The track poses challenges for drivers at every corner with the highest elevation change of any current F1 circuit.

    While other F1 circuits have 60 or 70 laps, the Belgium Grand Prix only requires 44 laps for the full race distance. It’s delivered some of our favourite F1 moments, including Charles Leclerc’s maiden win. Fingers crossed that rumours of Spa leaving the F1 calendar aren’t true. 

    2. Silverstone, British Grand Prix F1 Track

      Aerial view of Silverstone F1 track


      It might be our home Grand Prix, but Silverstone is a circuit every F1 fan needs to experience. It hosted F1’s first championship race in 1950 and has been a diamond in its crown ever since. 

      Silverstone has been dominated in recent years by Lewis Hamilton before Carlos Sainz secured his maiden win at this year’s British Grand Prix. It’s the perfect choice for your first F1 race with a guaranteed action-packed race and fan zone.

      3. Interlagos F1 Track, Brazil

        If you’re a Senna fan, the Brazil Grand Prix is guaranteed to be on your bucket list. Interlagos has been a staple in the F1 calendar since the early 1970s. It’s where Lewis Hamilton won his first World Champion title in 2008 with an overtake on the final corners of the last lap.

        Interlagos is often described as an ‘old school’ circuit. It typically sits at the end of the F1 calendar, delivering nail-biting races like last year’s battle against Hamilton and Verstappen.

        Below you can see our wall art of Michael Schumacher pictured at his final Grand Prix, at Interlagos in 2006. 

        Michael Schumacher Wall Art

        4. Monza, Italian Grand Prix F1 Track

          Monza F1 Track

          Monza holds a special place in the heart of every F1 fan. You don’t need to be a Tifosi to appreciate the atmosphere of the Italian Grand Prix – but you’ll find a sea of Ferrari merchandise.

          While Monza can often deliver a ‘DRS train’, it remains one of the fastest F1 tracks. Drivers spend 70% of their lap driving at full throttle. If you want history, atmosphere, and drama, go to Monza.

          5. Suzuka, Japanese Grand Prix F1 Track

            Suzuka F1 Track

            Suzuka joined the F1 calendar in 1987 and is notorious for being one of the most difficult circuits. It’s played host to some of the most dramatic moments in F1 history, including Senna and Prost’s accidents in 1989 and 1990 that decided both respective championships.

            The Japanese Grand Prix is one circuit where drivers can’t afford to make the tiniest mistakes. The F1 community is counting the days until Suzuka in October.

            Are you ready for the return of F1 this weekend? Will Verstappen continue to dominate the 2022 F1 season? Can Ferrari stage a comeback? Cheer on your favourite drivers with our latest F1 merchandise arrivals.