Meet the 2022 F1 Cars and Livery

Lights out, and away we go – almost. The 2022 F1 season is right around the corner. With testing underway in Bahrain, it’s the perfect time to look ahead at this year’s season. It’s not just the cars and liveries that look different. We’re giving you a recap of everything you need to know ahead of the first F1 race in Bahrain on 20th March.

How the grid looks different

Max Verstappen has gone back to the tradition of using the number ‘1’ after winning his championship last season. You can expect to see the Dutch driver using his new number over all his 2022 F1 merchandise.

Russell and Bottas have changed teams, while Alex Albon makes a return to the paddock with Williams. The only rookie for the 2022 season is Guanyu Zhou, who graduates from F2, becoming part of Alfa Romeo’s all-new team.

Kevin Magnussen has made a dramatic last-minute return to his former Haas team following the cancellation of Mazepin’s contract and the Uralkali partnership. The rest of the grid is made up of familiar faces – from Hamilton at Mercedes to Schumacher at Haas.

New 2022 F1 Cars and Team Liveries

2022 marks a new revolution for F1 cars due to the regulation changes. We can already see from testing that the new cars are drastically different from each other. All you have to compare are the front wings and side pods (or lack thereof!).  

With cars constantly in development, we’re sharing what we know so far about how the teams have interpreted the 2022 regulations and changed up their liveries. If you’re a merchandise fan, 2022 is the year for you.

Red Bull Racing

When you find a livery that works, stick to it. While Verstappen has switched from number 33 to 1, the 2022 Red Bull livery remains largely unchanged. The home of the current World Champion has a new title sponsor with Oracle in a partnership worth $300 million over 5 years. The RB16B that we’re currently seeing in Bahrain testing is drastically different from the show car unveiled in February.

Red Bull’s new merchandise is due to drop the week of the first GP, but you can expect to see a sleeker design with a focus on the Oracle logo and Verstappen’s number 1. Verstappen has also just signed Red Bull’s longest ever deal that sees him staying with the team until 2028.


Mercedes is going back to their classic silver arrows look with their 2022 livery. With George Russell on board, the team are hoping to make a comeback after the drama of last year’s world championship battle.

With Russell’s number ‘63’ making its way to the 2022 Mercedes merchandise, fans of the British driver will want to get their hands on the new release from Mercedes. Look out for the new ‘63’ Russell Mercedes hat and Hamilton’s 2022 cap.

Like Red Bull, Mercedes appeared in Bahrain with a radically different car. The big headline from Bahrain testing about Mercedes’ car is their side-pods that have been nicknamed the ‘zero-pods’. They also have an aggressive fine along the cockpit with the overall design focusing on maximising opportunities to cool the car.


McLaren’s new livery uses its signature papaya orange as an accent, focusing instead on a black base. This colour scheme carries through to the new 2022 McLaren merchandise. The new McLaren Official F1 Replica T-Shirt is set to be one of the best-sellers of the year, along with Daniel Ricciardo’s 2022 cap.


Ferrari has taken a 'brave' design with their 2022 car and been aggressive with their F1-75 design. At Bahrain testing, it’s clear that Ferrari has a car with some serious speed. They’ve also given their livery a radical update by incorporating more black to break up their classic red colour scheme.

Whether you’re supporting Leclerc or Sainz, you want to update your F1 merchandise with the latest 2022 polo and softshell jacket.


Is 2022 the year Gasly makes his bid for a top team? Red Bull’s junior team unveiled their AT03 car. They’re heading into the 2022 season with a revised blue and white livery that’s already causing a storm at Bahrain testing.

The new 2022 merchandise drop is right around the corner, but we can expect to see the classic Gasly cap being a best-seller for 2022. With a fashion brand to its name, AlphaTauri has some of the best merchandise in the F1 paddock.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin was one of the few teams to reveal their ‘real’ car at their launch. The team have revised their livery with a lime detailing that blends into their traditional green livery. You can expect to see this highlighter lime shade incorporated throughout their updated merchandise and livery for 2022.


With BWT joining as Alpine’s new title sponsor, the car has had a major overhaul in its livery. It now looks closer to the 2022 Racing Point car with its blue and pink livery.

The team plans on 'flipping' colours between blue and pink in the opening races of the season. Fans of Ocon and Alonso will be wanting to look out for how this bold shade of pink is incorporated into its 2022 merchandise.

Alfa Romeo

The final team to unveil its 2022 livery was Alfa Romeo. The team has an all-new lineup with Bottas and rookie Zhou. They ran a unique camouflage design for pre-season testing in Barcelona before unveiling their bold new red and white livery for its C42 car at the end of February. Fans of Bottas will be keen to get their fans on the driver’s new 2022 Alfa Romeo cap to show him their support at his new team.


Although Haas scarified the 2021 season for their 2022 development, the livery remains largely unchanged. The team has faced set-back after setback from cutting ties with its lead sponsor and cancelling its contract with its Russian driver.

The VF-22 has a unique front wing endplate and a wishbone-style dive plane. We can assume that Haas’ 2022 merchandise will be going through an update to remove its former Uralkali branding.


The final team on the grid is Williams. The team has welcomed Alex Albon as its replacement for George Russell. The FW44 has a striking blue livery that will make it stand out on the circuit. 

The new striking livery wasn’t shown until its first run at Silverstone as the team waited to perfect their new look. The 2022 Williams Racing merchandise continues the sleek look we’ve seen in previous seasons with its Team 2022 livery focusing on an all-white look with accents of the new blue tone. 

New F1 2022 Team Merchandise

Whether you’re heading to a Grand Prix in 2022 or supporting from home, you want to get the latest F1 merchandise. With some major livery changes, this is one of the most exciting years for F1 team merchandise. If you’re a Verstappen fan, you’ll want to grab the new ‘1’ merchandise, while McLaren fans and Williams fans will notice a difference in their teams’ signature colour schemes.

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